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For homeowners who have damaged houses, filing for an insurance claim can be scary. It can take a long time to go through the process, the insurance company may not even give you the highest payout that they should, and the roofing contractor or other commercial contractors don’t start their services, all the while your home is still damaged. Similarly, choosing the right contractor who will do a good job fixing your home at a reasonable price within a reasonable time frame can also feel like an impossible task. Getting the right price and reliable service shouldn’t have to be so hard.

That’s where we come in. At Res Reps, our goal is to help our customers from the beginning to the end of the home repair process from a roofing contractor or another home repair contractor. If our customer is unsure about applying for an insurance claim or finding a trustworthy contractor, we want to help! Our mission is to get you the help you need when you need it so that you can live comfortably and safely in your home. This article will help you better understand how the insurance claims process works and what to look for when selecting a contractor. 


Res Reps Services

At Res Reps, we act as the middleman between homeowners and those affiliated with your property damage and possible insurance claim like a roofing contractor, and any other construction contractors. These individuals could include a myriad of organizations including; roof contractors and home damage repair companies, insurance companies, and public adjusters. We want to help our customers understand the insurance claims process and get their homes repaired. We also want to ensure that the contractors used to repair the house are held accountable and perform quality work. Whether a home has been damaged by a hurricane, high winds, hail, or fire, we want to walk you through the steps to get your home repaired while keeping your expenses at a minimum. At Res Reps, we offer our services to the following groups:

  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Business
  • Agricultural
  • And more!


Understanding Your Insurance

Our team at Res Reps has made it our mission to help our customers with their insurance claims process, from beginning to end. Our customers can rest assured knowing insurance companies will no longer mistreat them with us by their side. We want to walk our customers through every stage of the claims process. We are always here to help if you need us. You will find the following steps below; are very important to understand as you navigate the insurance process.

  • Gather evidence of damage: pictures, witness statements, contractor quote.
  • Review your policy.
  • Request a claim.
  • Keep notes on your claim, including your evidence, contacts, etc.
  • Find out the time limit of your claim.
  • While you list the losses on your claim, add an addendum stating that the list is impartial. This means you can still add to it.
  • Keep receipts of every penny you spend on your damage: if you have to evacuate, for example, keep receipts of your lodging, food, etc.
  • Take your time to make sure you go over everything and don’t be bullied into accepting a low offer.


Selecting A Roofing Contractor

One of the most stressful parts of getting a home fixed is selecting a contractor. There are so many horror stories out there: they didn’t do a good job, they ran off with the money, or they took twice as long as they should have to get the job done. With Res Reps, we work to ensure that the roofing contractor is held accountable for their actions. We will make a detailed timeline and make sure that every party sticks to it, so our customers’ homes are getting the attention they deserve. We also have relationships with a list of roofing contractors we have worked with in the past who deliver high-quality work; let us help you get your home back in action!


Ensuring Promptness & Quality Work

At Res Reps, we believe in helping our customers feel comfortable in their own homes. When there is a hole in the roof or flooding in the baseboards, it can be nearly impossible to inhabit a house! We want to make sure that the home is fixed up as quickly as possible to be safe and livable, which is why we hold insurance companies and contractors accountable for what they do.

These parties will often drag their feet given a chance, especially when the customer doesn’t have to pay out of pocket (hello, insurance claim!). We will act as the middleman to establish & maintain a proper timeline throughout the entire process. You have enough stress to deal with when your home is damaged. Let us do the hard work!


Let’s Get Started Together

Our services are 100% free for homeowners. Res Reps creates the best connection between the appropriate parties to handle each specific claim. We work hard to ensure we never fail our clients. If the homeowner is ever unsatisfied with our choices, we will ensure we make the appropriate changes for complete satisfaction. As native Floridians, we understand the stress and uncertainty of being a homeowner during a storm. That’s why we’ve taken our experience dealing with insurance companies to create a business that assists homeowners during this stressful time.

After working with contractors ourselves, we identified areas that we could improve on. Insurance companies are notorious for treating homeowners poorly, contractors are continuously taking advantage of them, and public adjusters charge hefty fees without putting up a fight. We want to be different. Let us help you get through this tough time: call today for a free consultation at (321) 335-4322, or send us an email to Let’s get started together. Connect with us online or on Facebook and Instagram for company news or even just to say hi!