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We Assist Throughout The Entire Insurance Claims Process

Let us assist you from beginning to end! No longer worry about getting jerked around by insurance companies, taken advantage of by contractors, or paying for an adjustor who will not fight for you. Our team will take you through each stage, ensuring you are taken care of from beginning to end.

First Stage

Contact us to help you get started! We will take you through the initial stages of getting your claim started. We will educate you on the process, what you’re entitled to, a complete review of your policy, and to gather all the necessary information required. 


Review Policy

Determine Plan Of Action

Document Damages & Gather Evidence

Collect Measurements

Second Stage

After the initial process begins, it’s time to secure qualified, licensed professionals. Our team will recommend those that we partner with that will be beneficial for your specific claim. We will work to ensure that proper guidelines, laws, and codes are being followed. 

Recommend Qualified Parties

Ensure Proper Permits Are Pulled

Hold Contractors Accountable

Correspond With HOAs

Suggest Materials

Final Stage

This stage is crucial, as we work to ensure that all parties work in a timely manner. We help to negotiate the price and guarantee that the out-of-pocket expense never exceeds the deductible. Some clients even get their repairs for free! We cover final inspections and aim for complete customer satisfaction! 

Negotiate Prices

Establish & Maintain A Proper Timeline

Complete Final Inspections

Ensure Out-Of-Pocket Expense Does Not Exceed Deductible

Complete Customer Satisfaction

Available 'round the Clock

Reach out to us at anytime! We are always available to assist or answer any questions. Do not hesitate or call, email, or stop by! 

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We work hard to make sure our customers are happy and satisfied! 

Free Consultations

Our work is always free! 

Home, Commercial, Business, You Name It, We’ll Be There.

Serving Your Local Area


What Our Clients Say

I have always disliked contractors, thinking that they were greedy and would do everything they could to rip me off as the homeowner. As a result, I am always very wary of contractors that come to my door to try and sell me something. At first, I had my doubts but David and his team were different. They genuinely care about the homeowner and helped to educate and guide me through the entire roof replacement process. They helped me pick out the best contractor based on my needs. It was a completely different experience than I have ever had before and I recommend them and sing their praises as often as I can.

George L. Jacksonville,FL

I was aware that I could make a claim through my insurance company, but I was worried that the insurance company would deny me or even worse, be an utter nightmare to work with. To my surprise, under David and his team’s guidance, not only did my insurance claim get accepted but my deductible was smaller than I expected. I felt that I was in good knowledgeable hands and that David and his team would help me expertly navigate the insurance jungle. I decided to use their recommended contractor and the entire process went better than expected. I am very thankful for all that David and his team did for me and my family.

Lisa R. Palmbay,FL

My roof was starting to fall apart and I knew that I was going to need a new one, but roofs are expensive and can take too long to replace. I was worried about the next hurricane that was around the corner. Thankfully David found me at the right moment and fully explained to me what I was entitled to from the insurance company and assured me that I would have a new roof before the next big storm. Thankfully the insurance claim went smoother than I could ever have imagined and Davids’ contractor exceeded my expectations in quality, service, and speed. I would highly recommend that every homeowner take advantage of Res Reps free roof inspection (even if you don’t think you have damage). I was surprised by the teams’ knowledge and impressed with how quickly the new roof was put on. Don’t delay and call Res Reps today!

Joe F. Port St. John,FL

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